The East African Community is home to 150 million from six countries in the African Great Lakes region of eastern Africa: Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda. The TED community has grown steadily in the region, with hundreds of TEDx events having taken place already, in a variety of interesting settings, both rural… Read more »

A proper education system has the potential to increase the employability or income generating capacity of Kenya’s majority poor thereby enabling them to be employed or be entrepreneurs in their own right mitigating on the high inequality levels in Kenya.

We cannot deny the power of images and symbols to affect and often disturb people. But in today’s reality the power of the cartoonist to provoke extreme and violent reactions can no longer be denied, just look at what happened in France recently following the publication of a controversial cartoon by the newspaper Charlie Hebdo…. Read more »

In any case although our picture of Africa’s future has now faded in perfection, when compared to the abject realities of everyday life for many poor communities, those mental imprints of prosperity like our old black and white family photos, infused with love and nostalgia, still captivate our hearts and minds.