Farmers using unsustainable agricultural and aquaculture practices present the (greatest immediate threat) to species and ecosystems around the world. Farmed areas โ€“ both on land and in the water.

When you venture out into the wider world, because of education or travel you begin to learn more about that deeper forces that are driving our lives and our planet.

TEDxNairobi was born in 2009, perhaps it was not a very good year after all, for many were still nursing wounds and bearing losses that we could not understand. Perhaps the good we saw was just the essential good in us, that kernel of innocence that abides, in spite of all, lest we forget.

what the TED Fellows badge enables us to do is to openly aspire to greatness, with a lot of humility but no apologies, because through TED we can receive inspiration and encouragement from so many extraordinary fellows who are added to the group every year.