Herbert is motivated by the love for technology and emerging mobile money tools and the rapid adoption of such innovations across East Africa to drive social change and impact the lives of millions for the better.

Herbert is from Nairobi, Kenya and is the Chief Marketing Officer of Virtual City, which utilizes simple mobile tools to improve traceability and reduce fraud along agricultural value chains across East Africa through their product Agrimanagr .Agrimanagr is an affordable mobile data management service marketed to agricultural cooperatives and processors that tracks agricultural output from farmer to processor and has so far done this for over 300000 small holder farmers across East Africa. Agrimanagr is poised to have significant social impact on over 3 million regional smallholder farmers and over 15 million lives over the next 5 years.

Herbert is a route to market and marketing professional with expertise in sales, brand development and route to market execution. He is currently pursuing an MBA at the United Stated International University.