TEDx Nairobi is an independently organised TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) community event, which was launched in 2009 by two TED Fellows – Joshua Wanyama and Sheila Ochugboju – living and working in Nairobi.

TEDxNairobi  is an annual flagship event which captures the spirit of ideas worth spreading  created by TED and features  pre-recorded TEDTalks and dynamic keynote speakers, who spark deep discussions and connections across a small but critically influential group of people gathered in Nairobi.

We try to capture that vital current that is driving cutting edge ides in our city around the time of each event. That makes each year’s line-up very different. The themes are chosen by the curators, who connect with technologists in spaces such as the iHub, various Innovation Lab in universities and industry and spontaneous Maker Faire events around the continent.

We are also passionate about the entertainment industry in all it’s exciting dimensions, regularly celebrating the peculiar power of Riverwood and Nollywood to tell authentic African stories.  When it comes to design, we know that only Nairobi could produce the quirky genius of designers such as Cyrus Kibiru, who takes junk and makes glasses that have become new art forms. Where technology meets design in innovations such as mPesa (mobile money transfer), Ushahidi (crowd sourced emergency response maps), PesaPal (African version of PayPal); you can also see the imprint of local ingenuity to solve real-time challenges in a rapidly developing country.

We hope that you will join our community online and at our next event. Help us to ensure that TEDxNairobi continues to stimulate an international audience with stories of creativity, perseverance, courage, and transformational change.


The TEDx Program is designed to help communities, organizations and individuals to spark conversation and connection through local TED-like experiences. TEDx events are planned and coordinated independently, under a free license granted by TED. In Kenya there are different types of TEDx events, such as TEDxKibera, TEDxBraeburn, TEDxBrookhouse, TEDxCinemaNairobi, TEDxYouth@Kilimani, TEDxMbita, TEDxStrathmore, TEDxMbathini and many more. We are delighted that the movement is growing across the country.

The majority of TEDx organizers choose a standard event type.

Standard event

University event

Youth event

Salon event
This is a small weekly or monthly event that keeps a TEDx community engaged between regularly scheduled TEDx events.

Simulcast event
This event is built around a simulcast of a single day of the TED conference, or a single-day TED event, such as TEDWomen.

Internal event
This is for corporations, organizations, government entities, non-profits or other institutions that want to organize an event under an institutional name.

TEDx in a Box event
Some communities may not have the resources and infrastructure to organize an event. In these cases, TED delivers all the resources needed to organize a TEDx event, packaged in a portable box.

Library event
This event format is hosted by librarians at a local library.

ED Event
ED events are TEDx events where educators, students, administrators and others gather to discuss the future of education.


Since 1984 the world’s leading thinkers and doers have been gathering once a year for an event they variously describe as “the ultimate brain spa,” “Davos for optimists” and “a four-day journey into the future, in the company of those creating it.”

What are they talking about? TED-a conference like no other. TED stands for technology, entertainment and design-three broad disciplines that are collectively shaping our future. The event is broader still, showcasing brilliant ideas that matter from any discipline during more than fifty presentations and several morning and evening events. The intense, immersive environment allows attendees and speakers from vastly different fields to draw inspiration from unlikely places and cross-fertilize their ideas.

Unexpected connections. Extraordinary insights. Potent inspiration. That is the practical magic TED generates when a thousand of the world’s most remarkable people gather. Curious? To grasp the essence of TED, check out some of the over two hundred short TEDTalks available on an array of topics at www.ted.com, or download them from iTunes.

“I wasn’t prepared for this conference to be so profound.”
-Bill Gates

“TED is a think tank for humanity. It is a gathering of exceptional individuals, all with the ability to make a difference. We come, we listen, we participate, we learn, we apply and we improve. At its core, TED is a community built on innovation and invention, and this is consistent with our principles. We also sponsor Ted because it inspires us and helps inform our thinking, both personally and professionally, throughout the year.”
– Don Levy, Sr. VP, Sony Pictures