Georgina Goodwin real resized

As the granddaughter of Sir Michael Blundell and a passionate freelance photojournalist born in Kenya with 11 years experience documenting social and environment issues in East and Central Africa I have personal intimate knowledge and experience of the Winds of Change in Africa. Kenya and her history are in my blood. My grandfather Sir Michael Blundell stood in Kenya’s early political arena as Minister of Agriculture, his stubbornness and strength promoted multi-racialism and opened the White Highlands to other races. In changing and tough times he was leader of the white community pro-independence and was knighted by the Queen for his role in helping Kenya become independent.

Through my work as a freelance photojournalists doing assignments for clients such as New York Times, United Nations, World Bank, Agence France-Press (AFP) and many others I have witnessed the dynamic changes in Africa through the windows of conflict, social issues, environment, women and children, and public health. I was awarded at the Kenya Photo Awards: Documentary Photographer of the Year 2016 for my documentary work on the Umoja Women’s Village and Sudan the last male northern white rhino, and News Photographer of the Year 2014 for my coverage of Kenya’s Westgate terror attack in September 2013