Joshua Wanyama


Joshua Wanyama is the co-founder and CEO of Pamoja Media. Pamoja Media is an African digital marketing agency that focuses on providing online marketing strategy for Africa’s emerging brands. Joshua also runs Africa Knows, a photography site aiming to rebrand Africa to the world. He is a TED Fellow

Sheila Ochugboju


Sheila is a TED Fellow, who trained as a research scientist at Oxford,  working on genetically engineered viruses for pest control. She later ventured into the world of communication and co– founded based in Nairobi. Sheila recently starred in several Riverwood movies for MNET Movies and Ebru TV Africa.

Juliana Rotich


Juliana  is a Technologist, MIT Media Lab Director’s Fellow, TED Senior Fellow and currently serves as Chair of World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Data Driven Development. She is a board member for Ushahidi Inc, iHub Ltd, BRCK Inc. and serves on the advisory council of Microsoft 4Afrika, and

Merab Odero

Content Manager

Seo Analyst. Passionate about how the Internet connects people and a firm believer of Social Media’s role in business development. Having previously worked for a humanitarian organization, she loves ideas that develop and uplift peoples lives. Merab is passionate about art! She is an accomplished copy writer and deep lover of photography.

Alex Mutinda

IT specialist

Alex is a multi-skilled IT specialist with all-round supervisory and technical expertise. Passionate about the evolution In Technology and how this has changed the way people think, work and associate. As a business administrator, he is keen in developing systems that are the to-go-for by enterprises on their road towards improving their performance. He loves football and traveling.

Limo Tiboi

Event Contributor

Limo Taboi is the Finance Manager for Ushahidi, a not-for profit technology company based in Nairobi. He’s passionate about capital markets, farming, aviation, and improving the use of tax revenues to contribute to  initiatives which promote African travel and road safety in Kenya. He is also a long-term blogger known as Bankelele, with features on banking and finance, voted as Kenya’s best business blog in 2014.