At TEDxNairobi this year, we know that the time for change has come. Our cities are fragile ecosystems that need to become stronger in ways which create bridges across the rural-urban divide. We need to renew our value systems and live by actively reducing conflict over shared resources and supporting vulnerable communities.

By 2030 most of us will be living in cities, alongside 5 billion other people; mostly in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The way we live in these “mega-cities” will put a strain on the world’s resources, promote conflict in our communities and threaten the well-being of the entire planet. However big cities also generate jobs and income. With good governance, they can deliver education, health care and opportunities for social mobilization and the empowerment of women. The challenge for us in the next few decades; is learning how to exploit the possibilities that urbanization offers, without damaging the lives of millions in rural communities.